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Under the Illusion

is there anything at all?

31 July 1984
Name: Just call me [Phatgirly].
Age: 21
Political Stance: Liberal (Very)
Favorite Musicians: Rachael Yamagata, Jack Johnson, The Shins
Favorite Books: Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey, Green Rider by Kristen Britain, The Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler
Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings, Amelie, Secretary
Favotite TV Shows: Heroes, Firefly(RIP), Dead Like Me(RIP), Wonderfalls(RIP)

i'm in gryffindor!

A Destiny Thing Can't Take the Sky the [FARSCAPE] fanlisting Four Words and a Digit

Frou Frou Imogen Heap Franz Ferdinand The Beatles The Killers

the Mercedes Lackey fanlisting All the Fans of Pern RENASCENCE syntax Laurell K. Hamilton Robin Hobb Scarlet Intrigue

Mad World Spank! nobody's little weasel

brazen beauty yum. Sensational Freeman The Gene Kelly Fanlisting English Muffin-Lovers Whether You Like It Or Not Cillian Murphy

For the Love of Joss OBSESSIVE Sofia Coppola barefoot

Betty and Veronica Jaynestown Once More With Feeling

coke sucks! Mini Cooper iHeart iPod

28 days later, adam baldwin, adam west, alfred hitchcock, alias, angel, anita blake, anne mccaffrey, arsenic and old lace, audrey hepburn, audrey tautou, batman, batman begins, bend it like beckham, bing crosby, breakfast at tiffany's, brigadoon, buffy the vampire slayer, callum blue, carnivale, carol berg, caroline dhavernas, cary grant, charade, christian bale, cillian murphy, colorado, comic book movies, danny kaye, dawn of the dead, dead like me, diabetes, diet, dieting, easter parade, elijah wood, eliza dushku, ellen muth, enya, equestrian, exercise, fantasy book, firefly, fitness, food addiction, franz ferdinand, fred astaire, garth nix, gene kelly, green rider, hanoverians, harry potter, health, heroes, hockey, holiday inn, horses, house md, idaho, insulin resistance, j.j. abrams, j.k. rowling, jacqueline carey, james spader, jason mraz, jasper fforde, jensen ackles, joan of arcadia, john cameron mitchell, john rhys-davies, jon heder, joss whedon, kate forsyth, kingdom hearts, kristen bell, kristen britain, kushiel's legacy, kushiels legacy, laurell k. hamilton, losing weight, lost, maggie gyllenhaal, mercedes lackey, napoleon dynamite, nip/tuck, obesity, octavia e. butler, patrick stewart, phantom of the opera, rachael yamagata, ray charles, reading, resident evil, rob thomas, robin hobb, sarah mclachlan, sci-fi books, scissor sisters, sean maher, secretary, serenity, sin city, singin' in the rain, spider-man, supernatural, television without pity, terry goodkind, the avalanche, the greatest american hero, the killers, the shins, the sword of truth, the witches of eileanan, tobey maguire, twop, veronica mars, viggo mortensen, weight loss, white christmas, witches of eileanan, wonderfalls, x men, x-men, zombie movies, zombies